Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inner Self
Copyrighted January 14, 2000 by Beverly L. Roller

Re-Copyrighted October 1, 2002 by Beverly L. Elrod

The ship rocks, from side to side,
heaving the passengers awaiting the tide.
It lurches up and then down to the sea.
Die everybody! Be as miserable as me!

Am I the ship or am I the Ocean?
Am I the wind; which takes such a notion,
as to blow the clouds and start the storm,
tossing the vagabonds, all forlorn?

This is my world and I’ll be darned
if anyone will cross me without being harmed.
I’ll not bat an eye or shed a tear,
as I kill the little people full of fear.

I’ve been pained for too long to care.
Misery is what these people will share.
I’ll let my anger and hatred go,
while they all sink to the depths below.

I don’t have to try and behave.
They’ll die with the water as their grave.
Then I’ll sit back with the biggest grin.
I am death. I have work to begin.

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